The quickest path for adding bulk to your body is to add more milk to your diet. Some people have milk frequently and some don't. But if you want to grow your muscles, milk needs to be a central part of the process.


There are several reasons why milk is such a super tool for promoting muscle growth. At the top of the list of reasons is insulin. When it comes to growth hormone activity, insulin is king. In fact most endocrinologists will agree that insulin is more anabolic in the body than even testosterone for muscle growth, yet most people focus on testosterone as it is the more well-known substance. But insulin is even more effective for switching on muscle growth, and is where you will see the best results. And milk is full of insulin.

Animal proteins are far better than vegetable proteins for creating an insulin release. Milk tops both eggs and meat and other competitors. One study found that a high animal protein intake results in higher serum branched chain amino acids (BCAA; leucine, isoleucine and valine) concentrations, which are suggested to stimulate insulin secretion. And of all the animal proteins available for boosting this insulin release, milk is the top gun.

Another positive, milk possesses some postprandial insulinotrophic effect that is not related to its carbohydrate content (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, March 2005). In other words, it has an extra insulin booster at work.

And then there is the simple factor of the super protein/carb ratio in milk. You don't have to hope the ratio is right, as when using a man-made supplement. This natural food has it just right for promoting growth everywhere, and especially in the muscle region.

Go Whole

When you buy milk, buy whole milk. Whole milk has the highest fat content of the various milk options. Skim milk has no fat, and 1 and 2 percent milk both have minimal fat. Whole milk has more fat and you want that fat to further the growth process.

If you are looking for an instant step forward toward more muscle bulk, start with what you drink and add more milk to your weekly intake. How much? Start with an extra 20-24 ounces over what you are currently taking.

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